Financial Assistance

We have help available when you are ready to make Aliyah! The Cyrus Foundation provides financial assistance to those who need assistance in shipping their household goods to Israel and/or with travel expenses. To request an application for financial assistance, please contact us.


“We have been given the privilege and opportunity to make aliyah this summer. While we have received tremendous support from the Jewish community and the government of Israel, it is still very difficult to undertake such a move. We heard your organization assisted Jews in our historic return to Eretz Israel. When I contacted you it was my hope that you may be able to help us in some way. Imagine our surprise when you told us you could. We are extremely thankful for the very generous assistance you are providing. May Hashem bless you...thank you for all your help!”  –  Eliezer Parker and Family, Denver, Colorado 



If you would like to help Jewish families return to Israel, please make a tax deductible donation:



About Restoration Israel

Restoration Israel is an outreach of Cyrus Foundation, a non-profit Christian organization designed to encourage and assist Jewish people from North, Central and South America to make Aliyah to Israel. We work to bridge the gap between Jews and Christians—bringing understanding and reconciliation—that we might work together.

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